Can We Retire When We Want?


We met Tom & Sue when they were in their mid-50’s. They had worked hard and were happy that retirement
could soon be around the corner.

  • They have two grown children and three grandkids
  • Hold significant assets in 401K and IRAs
  • Seven years remain on $75K mortgage
  • No other debt
Life Event/Change:
  • Looking towards retirement and want to make sure they are financially prepared
  • Sue’s mother was in declining health/support needed
Questions and Concerns:
  • Did they have enough money to retire on their own timetable?
  • Could Sue stop working in the next 4-5 years? Could Tom retire at 63?
  • How would financially supporting Sue’s Mom impact their retirement goals?
  • They envision an active retirement including travel
  • Do they need more than a will?

Tom and Sue met Steward Advisors through a mutual friend and then met with Steward to discuss:

  • Current lifestyle, family and children
  • Goals for retirement
  • Details about Sue’s Mom’s health
  • The Steward Approach as RIAs

Tom and Sue asked us to develop a comprehensive financial plan:

  • Used the Steward Riskalyze® tool to determine risk/reward investment comfort level
  • Reviewed current retirement plans/investments and recommended adjustments to better align goals
  • Reviewed tax returns and recommended tax efficient investments
  • Offered options on how to provide long-term financial support for Sue’s Mom
  • Determined if long term health care planning was a consideration for Tom and Sue
  • Created a retirement income analysis and insight on potential retirement ages
  • Coordinated with an estate planning attorney on estate plan or trust
Tom and Sue are happy and feel like they are on the right track.
  • Retirement goals met; both Tom and Sue retired at 63
  • Met with Steward at least twice a year to review cash fow and net worth trends
  • Continued to ask about real life issues, including Sue's Mom's health
  • Ensured IRA withdrawals were taken in timely and tax efficient manner
  • Developed a Social Security claiming strategy to maximize benefits

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