Once we create your financial plan, we’ll manage all your investment needs. Our investment process is disciplined, based on academic research and tested by real world financial markets. We’ll work closely with you to ensure we’re focused on creating a portfolio that fits your unique. We will be your financial steward—providing peace of mind and helping you achieve your financial goals.

One of the first things we’ll do is create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). An Investment Policy Statement is a document drafted by an investment advisor and a client that provides guidelines for the manager. The IPS documents the general investment goals and objectives of the client and describes the agreed upon strategies that the manager will employ to meet those objectives.

Why is an Investment Policy Statement So Important?

Not all investment advisors use an IPS. At Steward Advisors, we believe it is critical to building a strong foundation for your long term portfolio strategy. We use the IPS to clearly communicate our procedures and investment philosophy, document the guidelines for all investment decisions and identify the responsibilities of each party.

Your Investment Policy Statement is the backbone of your investment strategy, and it will drive the financial planning and investing you do with us as we work together. As fiduciaries, we will always act in your best interest, and creating the IPS is the first step.

Here’s What Else We’ll Manage as Part of Our Process:

  • Daily portfolio review & cash management
  • Quarterly performance reporting
  • Management of all custodian operations (i.e. distributions, transfers, cash needs)
  • Regular review of the Investment Policy Statement
  • Management of target date bond funds or individual bond ladders

We'll Also Manage Your Day-to-Day Portfolio and Adjust Based on:

  • Market and Economic Shifts
  • Family Goals, Needs and Concerns
  • Retirement Plans
  • Cash Flow Needs
  • Special Events; Weddings, Education
  • Life Changes; Health Care, Dependent Care