We'll Create an SRI-Focused Portfolio That Makes a Difference

With much data available regarding socially responsible investing, company information and fund information, it can be hard to actually create a portfolio that accomplishes all goals. Many clients end up "wanting everything" and that can sometimes be difficult. This is why we take a disciplined approach to SRI that can help develop a diversified portfolio with SRI mandates. 

  • Discuss financial goals, concerns and short-term & long-term needs
  • Identify and prioritize values/beliefs using ESG criteria
  • Select funds with high ESG scores
  • Utilize the Morningstar Sustainability Ratings to score ESG ratings of funds
  • ESG mandate vs. ESG scores
  • ESG focus on stock funds
  • DFA Funds provide well diversified funds focused on either environmental or Social
  • Diversify with bonds, RE, Commodities etc.

Contact us today and we can help create a porfolio that really can make a difference.