How much do I need to sell my business for?


Brian and Amy’s business is their major asset.  Their primary residence and vacation home represent a large real estate investment and they have minimal liquid assets. When we met, they were unsure how to maintain their current lifestyle after they sold their business. They had a few questions and concerns:

  • How much will they need to net from a business sale to maintain their lifestyle?
  • They are charitably inclined and want to make sure that is a priority.
  • They would like to transfer wealth to their children in a tax efficient manner.
  • They have significant income that is not needed to maintain their lifestyle.
  • They have significant mortgages on their real estate.

Brian & Amy were referred to Steward Advisors through an M&A advisor.  At an initial meeting we discussed their current lifestyle, family, and future goals for retirement and completed the Steward Lifestyle & Family Needs Analysis with the couple.

After we met, we created a comprehensive financial plan using this approach:

  • Developed a long-range cash flow projection.
  • We analyzed various business sale prices to determine sale price necessary to support lifestyle.
  • Reviewed opportunities to use donor advised fund or charitable trust to efficiently gift a portion of business to charity.
  • Reviewed adequacy of life insurance to provide liquidity in the event of death before business sale.
  • Identified opportunity to use qualified retirement plan to shelter current income.
  • Recommended mortgage debt paydown prior to building up an investment portfolio.

Brian & Amy sold their business, were happy with the results and have retained Steward to manage the proceeds.

  • Monte Carlo analysis shows high retirement success rate based on conservative investment portfolio.
  • Wealth transfer accomplished with minimal estate or gift tax.
  • Proceeds of portion of sale contributed to DAF for future charitable contributions.
  • Mortgage debt paid by time of business sale.

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