Social Security

Retirees...Check Your Withholdings

It may need to be adjusted due to the 2017 federal tax reforms.

Good Reasons to Retire Later

Working longer might work out well for you.

Are you in your fifties and unsure if you have enough retirement savings? Then you have two basic financial choices. You could start saving and investing more of your pay than you currently do, or you could work longer so you have fewer years of retirement to fund.

The End of File & Suspend for Married Couples

A great claiming strategy to try & optimize Social Security benefits disappears.  

Congress just changed the Social Security benefit rules. On October 30, Capitol Hill lawmakers approved a two-year federal budget deal. As part of that agreement, they authorized the most significant change to Social Security policy seen in this century, disallowing two popular strategies people have used to try and maximize retirement benefits.1

3rd Quarter Investment Letter

This past quarter was a “tale of two economies”.  On the one hand, the financial economy was in disarray with domestic stocks, international stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate and almost any other financial asset you can think of declining significantly.  On the other hand, the “real” economy, measured in how much our country produces, unemployment, inflation, earnings growth, productivity and business activity, continued and extended the recovery. 

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