February Economic Update

Headwinds certainly increased in January as subpar earnings and anxieties about emerging markets unnerved Wall Street. January ended up as the poorest month for stocks since May 2012, with the S&P 500 losing 3.56% and many other global benchmarks retreating. Rough winter weather impeded homebuyers and jobseekers, but not consumer spending. 

2014 IRA Deadlines Are Approaching

Financially, many of us associate April with taxes – but we should also associate April with important IRA deadlines.

4th Quarter Investment Letter

It’s always enlightening to step back and review a year that’s gone by, whether it’s a business review, investment review or a review of your personal situation.   Did our expectations turn into reality?  Did we accomplish the goals that we set?  What surprised us?

January Economic Update

Stocks finished 2013 with a flourish. The S&P 500 rose another 2.36% last month to return 29.60% on the year. As Wall Street celebrated, good news came to Main Street as well; the jobless rate fell and many signs of economic improvement emerged.


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Tax Perks of Year-End Charitable Gifting

As 2013 ends, you may be considering making one or more charitable gifts. In most instances, they are tax-deductible with benefits for the donor as well as the recipient. 


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December Economic Update

Will 2013 go in the books as the best year for U.S. stocks since the mid-1990s? It may. At the end of November, the S&P 500 was already up 26.62% YTD – and that was just its price return. November brought more signals of an improving economy, even with a hot housing market cooling off by degrees. 

Top 10 Thanksgiving Quotes to Inspire You

Thanksgiving is a great time for being thankful, especially if you’re not a turkey, but finding the right words is not always easy. What if you have to make a toast at Thanksgiving? What if you have to go around the table and tell what makes you thankful? Will you be prepared?

November Economic Update

A rampaging bull market overcame two significant challenges in October – a 16-day closure of most of the federal government, and the threat of a U.S. debt default. Congress broke the stalemate with a short-term rescue – a deal which guaranteed government funding until January 15 and extended the nation’s borrowing authority until February 7.

Why Don't All Affluent People Become Wealthy?

Why do some people let their potential for lifetime wealth slip away? Some people are better off economically at 30 or 40 than they are at 50 or 60. In some cases, fate deals them a bad hand. In other cases, bad decisions and inaction are to blame.

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October Economic Update

September began with the possibility of U.S. military intervention in Syria; it ended with the probability of a federal government shutdown. In between those anxieties, the S&P 500 managed to rise 2.97%. Credit the Federal Reserve, which surprised financial markets worldwide with its decision to keep quantitative easing going at current levels for another month.

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